Tour of the Church (Part 7)


As we continue down the aisle, we see the icon of St Gregory, our patron. This was placed here in the Golden Jubilee year of our parish, and was written (as icon-painting is called) by Sister Esther OSB from Turvey Abbey. It is in three parts – the centre panel shows Gregory as Pope, with the Holy Spirit in the form of the dove, guiding him as he guides the Church. The name “Gregory” means “One who watches the flock”. The right-hand panel shows Gregory in the Roman Forum, seeing the slaves from Anglia, which prompted him to seek to bring about the evangelisation of the people of Anglia. The left-hand panel shows Saint Augustine and his companions crossing the English Chanel, following the directions of Pope Gregory the Great. We give thanks for Saint Gregory the Great, and thank God for all that has happened as a result of his mission to England.