First Holy Communion Preparation

The programme runs together with our neighbouring parishes in the Pastoral Area; with Sacred Heart and Great Billing.

We run our First Holy Communion programme together with the children from the Sacred Heart Parish but Covid has affected this  programme as it has so many other things!

This year the programme for 7-10 year olds ( school years 3-6) will be through the medium of Loom lessons which many children will be familiar with or with a very similar one. The lessons will be available during the week commencing 1st March we hope! It will consist of 6 lessons to prepare the children for the Sacrament of Reconciliation which we hope families  will complete by the end of the Easter holidays as there will  then be 6 lessons to prepare them for their First Holy Communion which need to be completed by the end of May so that the Masses can be organised during June.

We are following the scheme called ‘growingupcatholic’ where the emphasis is on  the parents as the prime teachers, supported by the catechists. The on line sessions will have been recorded and families can choose to do each session at a time to suit themselves.

If anyone would be interested in their child joining this year’s preparation  please contact the parish office.