Tour of the Church (Part 18)


Moving down the North Aisle, we see the painting above the door at the far end. The artist is Chris Fiddes, who was the art teacher at St Mary’s Middle School and gave the painting to the school. On the school’s closure, the painting was given to St Gregory’s. Sadly, where it is displayed, the detail, visible in the photograph, cannot be clearly seen. What is clear is what appears to be a crucifix seen from behind in the foreground. This is a characteristic of cribs in the Franciscan tradition, which, although anachronistic, remind us that Jesus was born to be the world’s redeemer and to die for us (John 18:37). The light coming from the new-born Jesus and his holy mother is the real light, which shines in the darkness and cannot be overcome by darkness. (John 1:4-5)