Organ 26

Some of the operations in the build result in spectacular and obvious progress, but much of the work is fiddly and detailed, and has little to show for it. It is, however, of vital importance.

The wiring is one such part of the work – each key, each stop, each piston and all the other controls must be connected to the console control box, and at the other end, each note on each soundboard, all the stop sliders, the swell box mechanism and all others functions must be connected to the organ chamber control box.

The neatness of the wiring makes maintenance and fault-finding much easier shoud it be required at a later date, and reflectes the quality of the work being undertaken.

The picture shows two of the connecting boards; there are a further three. Shown are the Great and Swell keyboard connector boards. There are also boards for the pedals, the stop controls and for the combination pistons. Each of these must be individually wired.

When finished, these boards will be mounted in the console. Each board is equipped with LED diagnostics so that in the event of any problem, finding the fault should not be a major problem! However, we hope not to have need for that!