Organ 24

The Gern keyboards are being fitted to the console structure.

Above the keyboards can be seen the Gern plate, here just resting, but it will be sited vertically.

It is interesting to compare the Gern plate with that of his master, Cavaillé-Coll. The similarity is obvious!

The stop jambs have to be constructed at each side of the keyboards. These will be modelled on the classic style of Cavaillé-Coll, in three rows, terraced. This is not just antiquarianism, it places the stops conveniently for the organist.

The wires will be connected to the computer system which then passes the signal up to the organ chamber, where another computer system de-codes the signal to sound a particular note.

Fitting the working parts to the console has involved complicated design issues; this is the third organ played from the same console. First was the pioneering electronic organ designed by Peter Walker and built by Alfred Davies, then the pipe extension organ using Aelioan parts, and now the historic Gern instrument.

A modern organ builder needs a vast range of skills!