Organ 10

The soundboards are extremely heavy, being made of oak, and beautifully crafted with fine joints and cabinet-work. What was also visible was the less-skilled alterations that had been made when the pneumatic action was installed.

Because of their weight, it was decided not to try to carry them upstairs to the gallery. However, there was no immediately obvious place to store them at ground level where they could be safe and secure.

Then an idea came to mind – there is a confessional which is only used during penitential services, and there was not due to be another until just before Christmas.

Therefore they were locked into the priest’s side of the second confessional, where they remained safe until Richard was ready to start work on them. They were moved to the workshop on 2nd September, and at the same time the casework was brought to St Gregory’s for work to begin on stripping and polishing.